Sales and Purchase

Sale and Purchase of Shares

The transfer of shares in Waimakariri Irrigation Ltd is governed by the Constitution of WIL. The constitution includes important restrictions that apply to the transfer of shares and may result in a transfer being refused.

A purchaser of a property supplied with water from the WIL scheme can not assume that shares in WIL, held by the vendor of the property, will be able to be transferred to the purchaser.

All transfer of shares must be approved by the Board.

  1. All share transfers must meet the terms and conditions of the company’s Nutrient Management Policy
  2. The Board must be satisfied that it is technically possible to deliver the water to a nominated off-take point. If a race upgrade is required to deliver the water the shareholder will be required to meet these costs.

In addition, the Board may refuse to register a transfer of shares if WIL’s standard fee for processing a transfer and preparing an agreement for supply of water to the transferee has not been received by WIL.

WIL cannot emphasise enough the care that must be taken in relation to the transfer of shares in WIL and strongly recommends that you contact the company CEO before making a commitment to purchase shares.

Share Price Disclosure Statement

In order to assist shareholders and those wishing to purchase shares, the company has decided to fully disclose the sale date, the number of shares sold, and the price paid (if provided) for all recent share sales transactions.

The following table shows the most recent 50 share sales. Where there is a sale but the price is not shown, this means that the information was not included in the share transfer provided to the company.

The company takes no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the share price and other transaction information supplied on this website. The information is based on information provided to the company in respect of transactions to which it is not a party. Recipients of the information must make their own assessment of the accuracy or usefulness of the information provided.

Recent Share Sales