About Old

Fresh Waters key objectives are


To nurture a generation of caretakers who will be faithful stewards of New Zealand’s environment into the future


To be inclusive and accessible to every child and family no matter what their background or location. Everyone deserves to experience the joys of fishing.


To encourage a transition from activities based around screens to activities based around streams and to provide opportunities to engage in an activity that would otherwise not be explored.


To support parents and families in providing mentored opportunities for their children to engage in sustaining pursuits.

Who we are

In 2010, the Water & Wildlife Habitat Trust was established for a broad range of educational, ecological and habitat purposes.

The Water & Wildlife Trust exists with the mission of conserving, rehabilitating and sustainably managing freshwater ecosystems and species.

The Trust is mandated with the delivery of the Fresh Waters programme and as a Charitable Trust ensures that all funding received is dedicated to the activities that the programme offers.

In pursuit of meeting the objectives above, the Water & Wildlife Habitat Trust is also working to bring aquatic life back into Christchurch. The Trust is eager to see a junior/family fishing lake included in the plans for the future use of the Christchurch red zone and is planning a series of fish releases and events throughout Canterbury over the next five years to build up to this. In doing so the Trust hopes to increase the accessibility of fishing opportunities for juniors and their families.

The Water & Wildlife Habitat Trust is passionate about providing opportunities for young people and their families to have a go at fishing and engage with the many recreational activities that the outdoors provides.