Storage pond updates

The Board of Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) recommends that the co-operative’s Shareholders vote in favour of a motion to finalise the business case for the construction of the Wrights Road storage ponds that will create a more reliable water supply for all Shareholders.

WIL proposes to construct the Wrights Road storage ponds to store excess water diverted from the Waimakariri River during high river flow or low scheme demand. Stored water will then be used to supplement irrigation supply when water from the Waimakariri River is restricted through the intake.

The ponds are to be constructed on WIL’s Burnt Hill property, purchased 14 years ago for this purpose. In June 2013 WIL was issued a building consent to construct the storage ponds. In October 2014, a resource consents were issued, however, those consents were then challenged in the Environment Court –but subsequently granted in August 2020.

Farmer is inter-generation. This is an inter-generation investment. Today we enjoy the benefit of the scheme’s originators’ foresight. Providing storage will build on that foresight and help protect our farms for future generations.

The Board has commissioned a wide range of specialist reports which formed the basis of the Business Case (BC) presented to the Directors and this Shareholders’ Information Memorandum (IM).

The WIL Board of Directors believe this Storage Pond project is a critical step in protecting and improving the financial and environmental position of WIL’s Shareholders.

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