School garden design celebrates Waimakariri River

A garden created by West Eyreton School for the Covid-impacted Grow Ō Tautahi Christchurch Garden Festival has been installed in the school grounds.

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) provided sponsorship for the school’s entry into the event which was cancelled due to lockdown. West Eyreton deputy principal Lisa Duff says the design focused on the Waimakariri River as an essential element of the school’s environment.

“We were so disappointed that we didn’t manage to display the work at the event but having it as part of our school is also incredibly special. The design represents a journey from the Southern Alps across the plains towards the Pacific Ocean. We’ve incorporated local flora and fauna into the design with a focus on promoting kaitiakitanga – guardianship of a precious resource.”

Plants were selected by the children to represent native species found in North Canterbury with the fodder planting signifying the importance of the school’s unique rural farming community.

Lisa says the school hopes to create another design for the 2021 Grow Ō Tautahi Christchurch Garden Festival which will be held in March at the Botanic Gardens.