Zone 3 will be closed for water race maintenance this Wednesday 26th August.

Zone 4 will be closed for water race maintenance this Thursday 27th and Friday 28th August.

Irrigation restrictions were lifted yesterday with the river currently at 74m3/sec. Anyone wanting water to fill storage ponds please place your orders through the water metrics water ordering system. A reminder that a water ordering tutorial is on the web site www.wil.co.nz/water-user/water-ordering-tutorial. If you require further assistance please call William Tallott on 0275231295.

Delay’s to routine maintenance and upgrades were incurred due to later than normal irrigation demand in autumn and the Covid 19 lockdown. We have some further works within the scheme we would like to complete during early spring so we will keep you posted on this.

We would also like to complete some further works on the main race near the intake but I am currently holding off until we get a clearer picture of the weather pattern for the start of spring, this work will take 1-2 weeks and will require the water to be off during the day and back on at night so if you require water for storage please place your orders now. This work is not urgent and could wait until next off season.

Lastly it has been a challenging period for everyone. Thank you for your support.

Jamie Hamilton
Operations Manager