Waimakariri scheme intake closed for 2-3 days

Waimakariri scheme will be shut down today, with the water flows from the intake expected to resume on Thursday. The shutdown is to allow contractors to complete the process of lining sections of the main race and disestablish the bypass water channel.

All going to plan water tests on completion will commence from Thursday for 5 working days, testing the liner at different water flows. The inspections shall note any signs of liner movement, displacement or cracking, any signs of instability in the slopes above the lined section(s) of canal and any signs of instability or seepage on the embankment below the lined section of race.

We will keep you updated on further closures if required.

We apologise for the inconvenience, but this work is critical, and is being timed to ensure a more reliable supply of water when demand is critical in spring and summer.

Jamie Hamilton
Operations Manager