This message is recorded at 5.00pm Friday 24th May 2024.

ZONE 3 will close off this Sunday to drain the canal along Wolff’s Road for works starting on Monday. Once bunds are in place we will bring stock water back on slowly.

ZONE 4 will close off on Monday for the day so some work can be completed.

ZONE 2 water was turned on again at the Warren Road Siphon at 12 noon today via the Old Siphon diversion. Stock Water will make its way throughout the Zone overnight. Late Monday afternoon we will need to turn water off for a couple of hours to remove the diversion and reinstate the Siphon to normal operation. It has been a great achievement by everyone involved to get this project completed and reduce the risk posed by future river flood events.

Intake Works – We need to dry off the intake early next week for a few hours to complete some repairs. This should have minimal impact on Stock Water.

We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Jamie Hamilton
WIL Operations Manager