Repairs are required at the intake caused by the December 2019 floods. In order to carry out this work the river must be diverted away from the intake to allow for the water level to drop enough for pumps and a lifting crane to be established to remove one screen structure for further engineering work.

The shut down will commence Monday morning 11th May and we anticipate resuming stock water flow through the old intake the same day, although flows may be intermittent and need to be reduced across the scheme.
It is estimated the intake works could take 3 days but could be subject to delays if high winds stop the cranes lifting process.

Our advice for irrigators would be to use this time between now and the pending shut down to get up to date with your irrigation requirements. We will review the need for irrigation demand after the shutdown period. Please be advised that irrigation water delivery capacity will be reduced through the intake so some restrictions could apply after the shutdown depending on demand.

We will keep you up to date with developments.

Jamie Hamilton
Operations Manager.