Boat 3 Update Report

Work on fabricating the replacement for Boat 1 is well underway. Boat 1 is in its 20th season of operation. Over its life span it has had 2 major overhauls. The Boats operate in quite a harsh environment, and over time the aluminium has become brittle to a point where it risks catastrophic failure. This is a key strategic piece of infrastructure.
The Boat is made up of 3 main components, including the Boat itself (the part most visible in the water), the ducts that connect the Boat to the headwall, and the clamshells that act as part of the fish screening. Engineering North Canterbury (ENC) has cut and assembled the 2 duct sets, and the welding of these will be finished by the end of this month. The aluminium for the Boat section will be cut in the first week of April with a completion date scheduled for early August of this year.

This photo shows both ducts. Welding is scheduled to be completed this week

This photo shows a closer view of the duct. The cross straps will be removed once welding is completed.

The design drawings are shown below