This message is recorded at 7.00pm Wednesday 15th September 2021.

Starting tomorrow Irrigators requiring water, please place orders through the Water Metrics water ordering application. Cut off time is 3pm daily.

A reminder that a helpful water ordering tutorial is on the web site www.wil.co.nz/water-user/water-ordering-tutorial. Last season we had some issues with Apple phone users so Water Metrics have made some improvements along with other updates requested by William that will hopefully make this service function better. Please make sure your login and passwords are working now. If you require further assistance please call William Tallott on 0275231295.

Rain is due again this week and soil temperatures are cold around 6- 10 degrees across the scheme.

Eyre River Siphon at Warren Road is operational and we are now working on river protection works along with upgrading the control gates.

We will still require some shut downs over in the coming weeks for the following:
• Main race liner was damaged by a fallen tree during the recent winds.
• Zone 4 we are still completing some race maintenance works.
• We need to make some additional modifications to the new wash system at the intake, commissioning is currently taking place in between river flood outages.
• R7 Eyre river flood damage works to be finished off next week.
• Wind damage, fallen trees etc.

We will do our best to accommodate your needs but do expect some water cancelations.

Thanks to all the WIL staff in operations, service providers and contractors who helped us push along with works during the COVID lockdown so we are in a position to start the irrigation season.

Jamie Hamilton
WIL Operations Manager