Boat 3 Installation Complete

Last week a team from Smiths Cranes, Engineering North Canterbury and WIL completed the installation of the new boat (aka Boat 3) at the Browns Rock… Read More

Biodiversity flourishing through planting projects

An 11-year planting project on the Wells family’s 420-hectare Oxford dairy farm has uncovered plenty of practical tips on how to establish thriving areas of biodiversity.… Read More

Caution needed in nitrate water quality debate

Nitrate levels in Christchurch’s drinking water are not expected to exceed safe drinking levels in the future, Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) said today. WIL Chief Executive… Read More

Global trip highlights New Zealand’s environmental progress

A whirlwind eight-week trip to investigate agricultural practices in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands and New Zealand has highlighted the active engagement of local farmers… Read More

Protecting resources drives new iwi representative

Being able to gather mahinga kai and improving the quality of local waterways are key issues for Kaiapoi business owner John Cooke. Read More