Infiltration trial could solve Silverstream’s nitrate issues

A three-year infiltration trial being carried out by Environment Canterbury and Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) aims to reduce Silverstream’s nitrate levels by introducing more water into… Read More

Promising results from WIL biodiversity stocktake

Over 200 sites of biodiversity interest, along with freshwater mussels have been discovered during a biodiversity stocktake of land and waterways within the Waimakariri Irrigation Limited… Read More

Caring for streams requires practical approach

Practical stream management tips proved popular at a recent Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) field day held at Winston Gartery and Mike Brown’s adjoining Springbank farms. The… Read More

Efficient irrigation requires balancing act

Scott, who owns three farms with his family, says using a mix of on-farm knowledge along with hard data from his Irrigate IQ system helps him make the best decisions for both his farms and the environment. Read More

Empowering farmers – technology to meet GMP

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited (WIL) shareholders are benefiting from cutting edge technology to make irrigation decisions backed up by hard data, thanks to a partnership with irrigation software provider Regen. Read More